Requesting a Check Reissue

If a check was misprinted, voided, damaged, printed on plain paper instead of check stock, or any other reason that makes the printed check unusable and a failed print. You can reissue the check on JHNET. After the process is completed, you will be able to print the check again.

To Request a Check Reissue

1. Go to JHNET  >  eServices tab  > Check Reissue.

2. Click New Reissue Request.

3. Select the Requesting Office Number from the drop-down selection list.

   *ALERT* The check reissue will always be sent to the office where the check originated.

4. Select a reason for the check reissue that best describes your situation for the check reissue.

  • Damaged/Misprinted Check
  • Expired Check            *A form must be submitted to the bank*
  • Entire Check File
  • Incorrect Name
  • Decline Letter
  • No check Printed

5. Fill out the required information for the selection made in step 4.

6. Click Submit.

   *ALERT* If Entire Check File was selected, after the submit button is clicked you will be able to select which check you wish to reissue from the list of checks contained within the check file.

7. Please confirm the information on the screen.

8. Click Submit.

9. Run a File Transfer to transfer the newly reissued check to the office.

Additional Information

How to find check numbers on JHNET:

1. Select the eServices tab and, under Customers, click Customer Lookup.  

2. Enter the necessary criteria and click Find.  

3. Select the Receipt number to access the customer detail.  

4. The check number can be found in the DisbursementDetail section on the Overview tab.

Permissions are required to request a check reissue:

-Check Reissue – Access Check Reissue permission.

-Part of the Office Supervisor group.

Checks that are expired:

A request must be submitted to Republic Bank by filling out and submitting a Republic Bank Check Reissue Form. Once the form has been received, Republic Bank will issue a new check file for the expired check. The office will run a file transfer to receive the new check.

Republic Bank Form

***All other check reissue requests must be made on JHNET utilizing the steps outlined above. Expired checks are the only reason to submit a form to Republic Bank.***


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