Flesh and Blood the Better Option than Magic the Gathering?

Magic the Gathering has dominated the trading card game (TCG) market since the early nineties. Within the last two years, a new TCG called Flesh and Blood has emerged onto the market leaving many players asking the question, if it’s better than the long standard Magic the Gathering. Flesh and Blood is a TCG developed by Legend Story Studios from Auckland, New Zealand with the simple goal of creating games by gamers for gamers. The official game information can be found on their elegant website https://fabtcg.com. Despite not being around long, Flesh and Blood grows in popularity each month with new players. Recently, the first-ever professional tour and events of Flesh and Blood have started with large-scale tournaments held within cities across the country called the calling. Many Magic the Gathering players have written off Flesh and Blood without ever trying it, despite the many qualities that are an improvement over Magic. There are countless reasons why the new TCG, Flesh and Blood, is now the better option for players looking to play a trading card game.

Flesh and Blood Improves on all Magic the Gathering’s Faults

Many players and fans of trading card games find themselves asking if Flesh and Blood is better to play than Magic the Gathering. Trying a new TCG other than the established game can be scary for many players since for over twenty years Magic the Gathering was the only option. There are many reasons to support the fact that Flesh and Blood is now the best option when considering what trading card game to spend your hard-earned money building new decks and playing each weekend.

  • No issues with mana like Magic when playing cards, all cards in hand have value and can be played for either attacking or blocking.
  • Players attack and defend each turn.
  • No counterspells which equal fast play and competitive games.
  • Every game is close, usually goes down to 1 or 2 health points.
  • A player never gets to a point where they have no action, always a way to win.
  • Games last longer, you never want to concede on turn 4.
  • No infinite combo loops that trigger an automatic win.
  • The game never ends due to a single card on a single turn that swings the outcome of the match.
  • Games are competitive and rely more on skill than pure luck.
  • A variety of decks and cards can be played and still be competitive.
  • No unskillful mechanics such as milling a player to concede or slow-playing with endless counterspells.
  • No dead cards in hands. Every card can be played and all have value each turn.
  • Flesh and Blood is more fun.
Art of War Flesh and Blood card

How to Start Playing Flesh and Blood

Now that all the facts prove that Flesh and Blood is the best option when deciding to play a trading card game. The next step is to start playing the game. The best way to do that is to get yourself a Blitz deck, which is a pre-constructed deck of 40 cards, ready to play out-of-the-box. The normal classic-constructed format is 60 card decks while Blitz is 40 making games faster and a perfect starting point for new players to the game. Your local game or comic bookstore should have a Blitz deck that you can purchase and start learning the game. Next, it would be good to learn the rules and all the formats of the game. This information can be found at the official Flesh and Blood website: https://fabtcg.com/

Future of Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game (TCG)

The future looks bright with Flesh and Blood as the player count grows each month. New card sets come out a few times a year adding exciting new cards and mechanics to the game. Tales of Aria the latest set from Flesh and Blood is the best set yet featuring three new heroes added to the game, including the fan-favorite Lexi. The art of Tales of Aria is the most dynamic and beautiful that the game has seen yet. Beautiful art, exciting, and competitive gameplay make Flesh and Blood a trading card game that will be popular for the years ahead.

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